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APRIL ONLY PRICING - Transform Your Slide Design Skill for Just ₹ 299 and 2 hours of your time investment



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Unleash the PowerPoint Slide Design Maestro within Yourself! 

Learn the secrets of slide-making craft and transform the way you work in PowerPoint in this 120 Minutes of Masterclass. Get access to hands-on practical tools, techniques and principles to get you designing beautiful and effective slides from scratch.


Design Beautiful

That Convert Your
Audience Into Admirers

Facilitators has designed 100,000+ Slides so far:

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And many more....


The alterSLIDE Design Masterclass   Experience


You can’t read your way into making better presentations. Hands-on learning, personalised feedback, and structured practice is the best way to see results. We also know variety is essential to effective learning, so you can expect to switch between many modalities during the 120 minutes of Masterclass.




98% positive reviews (1.1K)

15572 students

Audio: English

120 Minutes (2 Hours)




2-hour Webinar


Virtual Interaction

Engage with interactive functionality including chats and annotations

Teaching + Demos.png

Teaching + Demos

Led by one not 1 but 2 expert facilitators who shares Top 5 tools & 10 design principles



Apply the concepts, principles and tools to your own presentation 



Learn hacks, tools & techniques used by our facilitators in 40+ years 

Case Studies.png

Case Studies

Apply design principles to 5 slides to improve wordy slides

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Group Activities

Discuss and share your learnings within private FB group



Downloadable Templates + Checklists

(Only ₹ 299)

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What You’ll get inside this alterSLIDE Design Masterclass

During the 120 minutes of Masterclass, you’ll learn to make plain text and content more memorable with design. Our experts also share their secret to choose the right slide types, for the right purpose. Here is a sneak preview of the topics covered:


Identify the 3-core characteristics of a great slide and discover the  10-best practices for visually displaying content

25 Mins


Analyze a range of 6-slide types & know when to use them while creating your own repeatable presentation development process

20 Mins


Apply 5 -rule principles for non-designers, an expert slide design  technique when creating slides 

25 Mins


Build better data slides with our 3-point checklist chart techniques and hacks of professional designers

10 Mins


Create and use grids & slide layouts for a polished look, use animations & transitions with intention 

10 Mins


Add powerful visuals with Top 7 Mediums: Work with photos & icons to convey information & look great

10 Mins

...And several other secrets including a sneak-peek into how Experts recreate slides with PDF notes and checklists, for ready use...



120 minutes of Power-packed slide hacking

Learn from the pros who have hacked stories for some of the biggest brands

Limited Time Only, prices will increase in

(Only ₹ 299)

Prefer to speak to someone about alterSLIDE Design Masterclass®? Call us at (+91) 74062 26789


Learning to think visually is crucial in persuasive communication. This Masterclass resolves that easily, quickly and also in the best organized way possible. 

These are the common six issues faced by most non-designers with modern slide designs. Unfortunately, we have not learnt slide design in school, yet we have to create presentations all the time.


When we design slides, we can fall into classic traps– overusing bullet points, cramming multiple ideas on one slide, using lots of colors, shapes, and fonts. When we present to an audience, these slides don’t do our ideas any favors, making it hard to effectively communicate and express your point through a visual medium.


Poor design obscures your meaning, causes confusion, and makes people stop paying attention.

Have you ever wondered how to convert your boring presentations into top-notch designer decks that follows industry best-practices?

Do you feel your presentation for office looks too generic, besides whatever customization you do?

Are you getting troubled in choosing the best color, font, image and layout combinations for text and other elements?

Do you know that your presentations are not new-age, if you are not using icons, vectors and mockups and high quality royalty free stock images?

Do you think that you lack design skills or takes too long to create or edit PowerPoint presentations?

Do you blame PowerPoint® for its limitations resulting in cluttered unattractive slides?

(Only ₹ 299)

Image by Josh Rose

Pre-Requisites for the alterSLIDE Design Masterclass


This course is not a PowerPoint fundamentals course. You should have a basic knowledge of either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote software. You will need a laptop/computer with any presentation software installed (Powerpoint/Keynote, but you can use the software you prefer), and a pen + notepad.

Who benefits from alterSLIDE Design Masterclass


Presentations are a necessary part of career but few of us have been taught to use them effectively. It’s time to change how you communicate. When you attend virtual masterclass, you’ll be joined by people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, doctors, spiritual healers, professionals, executives, creatives, coaches, leaders, dreamers, visionaries, students, seekers, athletes, the list goes on.


....who either works as a or within teams that focuses on...

Engineers & Analysts.png

Engineers & Analysts

It’s easy to lose the essence of your message in crowded data and charts that are lacklustre. Learn to be neat and nimble: apply Powerpoint Slide Design 5-rule principles to simplify your slides, and focus on what’s essential.

Sales & Marketing_edited.png

Sales & Marketing

If you want to make your sales presentations your own, or whip up a sexy-looking deck to communicate with an exec, alterSLIDE Design Masterclass® will get you working with speed and style.

Individual Contributors.png

Individual Contributors

If you’re pretty good at PowerPoint, but you want to learn to work faster and produce polished work like a pro, the alterSLIDE Design Masterclass® will get you there#.

(Only ₹ 14,999)

#As an Individual Contributor, you may be an executive from HRs, Finance, Operations, Product or Growth teams. Join the MasterClass to apply all the secrets to your daily slide-making ritual

Image by Tobias van Schneider

Meet Your Slide Coach, Deck Guide, and Design Mentor


The alterSLIDE Design Masterclass® is based on 40+ years of research and experience of working with thousands of clients by our team of non-designers. Here is the profile of two of our leading practitioners:



nudgeCATALYST     Promise

If, for any reason, you feel like it just isn't for you, all you have to do is email us and we'll give you a full refund! We will even absorb the payment gateway charges, absolutely no questions asked refund policy.

The last thing we want is for you to put time and energy into something that you aren't 100% behind. That's just not how we want to engage with you.

Having said that, we wholeheartedly believe that the consistent content sharing can really accelerate the transformative journey of your thought leadership on LinkedIn. You'd be surprised how you can instantly get better better engagement with my content strategy.

(Only ₹ 14,999)

Al Ameen

12,583 decks | ISB | 300 Mn$ Pitch Decks |  Food-preneur - 12 Brands | Buzz.Agency | Dogvoice.Ventures

In 60 minutes, Al Ameen will help you Alter

The way you visualize your story The way you gather an attention The way you build curiosity The way you articulate your flow

  • LinkedIn

Shubho Broto

8,789 decks | ex McKinsey & Co. | 300+ Startup stories | |

In 60 minutes, Shubho will help you Alter

The way you structure your slides

The way you nudge your audience The way you simplify your pitch

The way you add the nuances

  • LinkedIn

What you can do after you attend this Masterclass? 

Create Eye Catching, Modern PowerPoint presentations from scratch

Master the use of PowerPoint Slide Layout and Slide Master for Efficient & fast Slide design process

PowerPoint alsterSLIDE Design Masterclass gives you all the hacks to develop top notch slides like a professional designer. The experience will forever transform the way you work in PowerPoint. It helps you in creating simple, clear and aesthetically rich slides by giving you access to universal design principles, templates, colors, typefaces, slides’ typography, use of photos and pictograms, composition rules and ways to create clear and meaningful charts and diagrams. You can:

Lots of secret tips & tricks to create modern PowerPoint slides, quick & easy turnaround

Get lots of modern design elements like Icons, Vector images, Custom fonts, Mock-ups, Stock Images etc, & learn to import + edit them in PowerPoint

Add subtle, but smooth and minimalistic Professional animation & transition effects to all the slides, you have designed in PowerPoint

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a computer/laptop?

Yes — you need to access the Masterclass using your computer! And please make sure it has the latest version of PowerPoint installed.

I'm a total beginner in PowerPoint, is this Masterclass right for me?

This masterclass will teach you all the necessary hacks to improve aesthetics and slide design skills, but it's not a PowerPoint 101 for beginners. We mention basic tools and techniques, but assume that you are computer savvy and know how to find your way around PowerPoint already.

Is this a PowerPoint or a design masterclass?

A little bit of both, but we really focus on the real world application of PowerPoint techniques.

Do I need to be a designer?

No! In fact, we recommend that non-designers take this Masterclass to learn how to apply basic design principles to their presentations. If you are a trained designer, you will find this masterclass helpful we will apply several storytelling methodology to your design..

How do I know if this Masterclass is right for my PowerPoint skill level?

If you use PowerPoint a couple of times a week, and want to know how to better design slides and use things like Alignment Tools, then this is the right Masterclass for you. Even if you are using PowerPoint everyday, some of the content will seem elementary, but you’ll still learn best practices for design and pick up a new technique or two.

Can I work on my own presentation and share for feedback?

Yes! We encourage everyone to bring problematic slides from their own presentations. You’ll have time at the end of the class to work on these slides and get advice from the experts via email.

Will the recording of the Masterclass session be available and shared later?

No! Research shows most people do not consume or tend to forget (out of mind, out of sight) after purchasing online courses with lifetime access. It needs strong self-motivation and time management skills as one feels the access is unlimited. You can however take screenshots on your computer/laptop for later referen

alterSLIDE Design Masterclass  



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"Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of the masterclass . Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims."

(Only ₹ 299)

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